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        銷售熱線:025-56237099 13505192935




        Nanjing JiaLong Printing machinery Company with the support of Taiwam advanced technology is specialized in the production of the postprinting packing equipment .During the designing and the production we applied the advanced   technology and have met the requirement of the papery products processing technology and the demand for production cost control from the customer. We have optimized the operation and the control of the machine, enhanced the stability during the operation, and reduced the consuming of the raw material during production .We are providing you the high quality products with satisfactory performance ,which will ensure our favorable cooperation .
        During the development of our company, we stick to the principle of “The First Class Quality comes from our untiring effort pursuing “; and insist the working style of “Based on manpower, based on science and technology, endless creativity and never self-satisfied”; Insist on the management idea of “The most benefit comes from the satisfactory of our customer “. Providing products of better quality and better service to china printing and packing industry .We earnestly wish that our cooperation will bring you more business opportunities as reword to your support and favor.